Mindfulness based Mandala Workshop

Mindfulness & Art

Curious about how to dive into a deep conversation with yourself with colours and shapes while drawing a Mandala? 

Join me on this journey of a colourful and gentle Self-Discovery. 

Feedback Mandala Workshop

You attended one of my workshop and would like to give feedback? 🙂 Please find the link here : Feedback Form


you want to

  • become aware of your thinking pattern
  • notice them from a different perspective
  • to understand how to find out the answers within yourself 
  • learn different mindfulness techniques while actively applying them during the session
  • discovering your own tool to practice mindfulness
  • increase focus and productivity in a playful way

I’ll be guiding you with a mindful meditation while you draw your mandala. It will be a journey to help you relax, become aware of what is happening within and gently coming closer to yourself by practicing mindfulness.

You don’t need any drawing or painting experience. This won’t be a drawing class.This workshop is focused on mindfulness practices.

You will not share any of your thoughts, feelings or personal issues with me or the group during the session. 

After our session you are free to share your experience, if that feels right for you.

Group Workshop take approx. 1,5 – 2h. 

1:1 sessions depending on how deep you want to go can take up to 2,5h. 

Your curiosity 🙂 

For in-person workshop I’ll bring all the materials. 

For online workshops I ask you to be in a calm place with a good internet connection on laptop/mobile to connect to zoom. Some sheets of paper (A4), compasses and ruler. If you don’t have any compasses or ruler, you can take any objects to draw 4-5 different sized circles and straight lines.

Depending on the group I hold workshops in English, German or Turkish. 

I do give private, group and team building workshops too. 

For further information and for availability please feel free to get in contact via mail: contact@elsurneb.com or filling out the form here 

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Do you want to book mindfulness session or mandala workshop as a team-building activity?  

Feel free to contact me for further information.

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Accredited MBSR & MBA Teacher. Trained by Kathy Ward at Mindful Academy International

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